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NMPA Approval for Registration Application of Syphonet?? Stent Retriever
2022-02-17 16:50:27

On February 11, 2022, Peijia Medical Limited (the “Company”) received the approval from the National Medical Products Administration (the “NMPA”) for the registration application of Syphonet? Stent Retriever (formerly named as Shenyi? in English), making it the Company’s eleventh NMPA approved neurointerventional product.


The Syphonet? Stent Retriever is a technologically advanced product developed by Achieva Medical Limited (“Achieva”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company, through our persistent dedication to innovation and clear understanding of clinical needs. The product’s unique design features a capture basket at the distal end, which can effectively prevent the thrombus fragments from dislodging into the blood stream, thereby improving the removal of the thrombus. The stent is also designed with optimized radial force to maintain the integrity of the lumen even in curved vessels. Radiopaque wires in the stent and a radiopaque marker on the distal end allow for a fluoroscopic visualization of the entire retriever, facilitating physicians with better visual guidance. The Syphonet? Stent Retriever has various specifications, all compatible with 0.017-inch micro-catheter. The compatibility feature will improve the success rate of deployment and reduce procedure time.

The registration approval of the Syphonet? Stent Retriever marks the further expansion of Achieva’s product portfolio for ischemic stroke treatment, which will now include the Syphonet? Stent Retriever, Tethys? Intermediate Catheter, Presgo? Micro Guidewire and Presgo? Micro Catheter. With the successive launch of Tethys AS? Aspiration Catheter and Fluxcap? Balloon Guiding Catheter this year, Achieva will be able to provide physicians a fully integrated solution for mechanical thrombectomy. Physicians can rely on Achieva’s product combinations for different procedures, based on the clinical manifestations of patients.

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