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Career Development

Talent is the source of enterprise development. Achieva Medical healthcare strives to create a career and entrepreneurship stage for employees that is both rewarding and lifelong growth。

Exploration of Cutting-edge Medical Technologies
Exploration of Cutting-edge Medical Technologies

With an eye to global development, Achieva Medical's R&D Innovation Center has gathered numerous industry-leading experts from around the world in its, allowing its employees to directly communicate and cooperate with technical experts, access the world's most advanced technology and create world-leading products.

Dual Career Development Channels
Dual Career Development Channels

Achieva Medical has set up dual career development channels of management and technology. With clear position development levels and corresponding qualification standards, it encourages and guides employees to select the career development channel right for themselves to progress in their career and develop their personal strengths in different fields.

Comprehensive Professional Training
Comprehensive Professional Training

Achieva Medical provides its employees with stepwise training on expertise and management skills, including industry knowledge, occupational skills and seminars by industry experts, allowing them to broaden their horizons, exert their strengths, unlock their potential and grow with the Company.

In-house Entrepreneurship Mechanism
In-house Entrepreneurship Mechanism

The In-house Entrepreneurship Mechanism is a key mechanism for Achieva Medical to maintain its vitality. With its strong innovation culture and through the In-house Entrepreneurship Mechanism, all employees have the opportunity to become project leaders and realize their entrepreneurial aspirations on the Company's incubation platform.

Remuneration and Welfare

We provide a complete and comprehensive remuneration package, including basic salary, stock options, subsidies, project awards, and year-end bonuses. We also strive to provide an all-round guarantee for employees so as to attract and retain talent.


In addition to mandated benefits, Peijia Medical also provides a housing fund, paid time off (PTO), supplementary medical insurance, yearly travel, holiday benefits, birthday gifts, high-temperature subsidies, marriage and childbearing gift, hospitalization allowance, long service rewards, nutritious meals, and other welfare benefits.

Staff Care

We also attach great importance to the physical health of our employees, as well as their life outside of work, and do our best to provide them with care and support, such as in the form of accommodation subsidies, apartments applications, introducing and helping employees to settle, professional title applications, talent subsidy applications, annual physical examinations, activity clubs, festival activities, team building activities, and flexible working hours.


The Company has always adhered to a humanized management concept and cared about the work and life of our employees by creating a comfortable and safe working environment and fully unlocking their entrepreneurship spirit and business passion.

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